Zooey and Ben: The Saga Begins

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12/30/2008 12:15 PM |

It’s indie rock magic in the making: Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and She & Him’s Zooey Deschanel are totes engaged!

We were just watching the first season of The O.C. over Christmas vacay, and swears, it’s like Seth and Summer all over again, except these guys are for real (hope springs anew). Okay, so, first, he’s moving into her place. Then, as we imagine it, she’ll design the perfect cool-girl-with-a-country-vibe wedding dress for herself. Which, in turn, will launch a line of effortless wedding dresses that will make Katy Perry weakintheknees with envy, sorry, Katertots. Ben will dedicate an entire solo album to her that he’ll debut at the wedding, but because their love somehow transcends cliches, it will actually be great. (Please, please, please.) Chris Walla will become an online minister and officiate! Aw. M. Ward and the bassist from AFI Zooey was supposedly involved with will both barge in during the middle of the ceremony and declare passionate love for Zooey, just like that one time on that show on the CW, or something, you know which one we mean. They will both lose, and fight over Jenny Lewis instead, who, of course, will be a bridesmaid. Chocolate cupcakes with turquoise icing will be served. Everyone will dance their hearts out to the new Animal Collective. Nine months later, the most adorbs indie rock spawn will be born. Twins, probably. Who will start a successful band while still in the womb. Our heart can’t take it. Those crazy kids! Good luck, you two.

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