Eliza Dushku Will, Hopefully, Bring It On in February

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01/05/2009 2:00 PM |

Over at The Daily Beast, there’s a neat little video-synched charticle type-thing about what television shows you should be watching in 2009, besides Twin Peaks on Netflix, that is (it’s our first time!). We’re particularly psyched for Josh Whedon’s Dollhouse, which premieres February 13, being uber-Buffy/Firefly/Angel/Dr. Horrible fans.

But while the Beasts’ reviewer seems overly concerned about the show’s edgy status (why are they always shooting Whedon in the foot before his shit’s even out of the gate?) and its unfortunate time-slot… we’re just eager, and anticipatory. Dollhouse‘s conceit is as follows: Echo (Dushku) is part of a small group of individuals whose minds are imprinted with different memory traits that coincide with specific assignments they must take on. When they aren’t acting the part of an assasin or falling in real, true love with someone they never would have otherwise, their minds are wiped clean and they live like child-orphans in a dorm called the Dollhouse. It will hopefully have all the futuristic ass-kicking of Firefly, minus the Steampunk element, but with a bigger focus on the dream vs. reality mind-fuck. Especially when, you know, Echo starts trying to figure out what she was before she was an “active.”

Bourne Identity meets Paycheck meets Vanilla Sky, with a dash of the good parts from The Matrix and, perhaps, a shot of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let You Go? We are so utterly sold, “fatal” 9pm time-slot be damned. Check out the trailer after the jump.

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