Great Moments in Public Transport

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01/12/2009 4:15 PM |

A campaign, started by a Guardian guest columnist and funded by public donations (outpacing the matching money Richard Dawkins was prepared to give), has advertisements up on London buses (and in other cities; a similar campagin is afoot in Washington) saying “There’s Probably No God. So Stop Worrying, and Enjoy Your Life.”

This certainly trumps the “‘God Is Dead.’ -Nietzsche ‘Nietzsche Is Dead.’ -God” bumper sticker on the back of my moped.

Also, joke about how I stopped believing in God during some G Train service interruptions et cetera.

In conclusion: yay, atheism, and England.

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  • I’m sure the advertisment will be of great help to those worrying about their jobs, health, etc. Perhaps bums can tear off the ad and stop worrying about wether there is a god and wether they will die of hypothermia!