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01/26/2009 2:00 PM |

The Brooklyn Museum recently featured a selection of films and videos by the Danish artist Jesper Just, who’s at MoMA tonight presenting new work. He “addresses themes of desire”, in art-crit speak, through videos that are familiar in that impressionistic installation way, and short films that are terrific studies of glossy, widescreen classical film grammar. (A book of stills, representing work not showing at the Brooklyn Museum, was a highlight, with seemingly each frame showing figures lit with dramatic three-point lighting, and positioned for maximum melodrama.) Most affecting was a five-minute film set in some kind of liminal smoking lounge, with a lonely men’s-club oldster singing a soft, yearning song to the young man on the other end of a rotary telephone. (It’s from the same series as this one.)

Tonight at MoMA, he screens a new trilogy (including the above-pictured A Question of Silence), and talks about his work. Oh and this is part of MoMA’s new open-late-on-Mondays deal, where the Museum stays open and there’s a cash bar set up, so you can get hammered on white wine and look at Ab-Ex, you effete corps of impudent snobs.

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  • I went to this and it was packed. However it should be noted the museum was closed, it’s only one Monday a month apparently, and last night wasn’t one of them.

    Also note “Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind” is on next month, I could have swore the calendar said Howard Zinn was going to be there in person, but now I don’t see it in the calendar…