Memo to C.I.A.: SADAD

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01/06/2009 5:00 PM |

Hey, so the Intelligence Community is upset that former Congressman, Clinton staffer, Iraq Study Group member and advocate for humane interrogation Leon Panetta has been picked to head the C.I.A., rather than a career spook. Yes of course predictably an insular guild (they’re spies!) will bristle to an outsider coming in, how dare he presume to know enough about the inner workings et cetera et cetera.

What’s particularly amusing is that all these career members of the Intelligence Community voice their displeasure to reporters for an article running in the same issue of the Times as this one, about a young Pakistani man imprisoned and tortured in Guantanamo and elsewhere — including a C.I.A. rendering to Egypt — for six years, and released after never being charged with a crime.

Hey, spooks, if you’re curious about why your stand-back-and-let-the-pros-work claims don’t have a leg to stand on, you should really read this article, about a victim of C.I.A. policy, who’s been left with barely enough strength to stand up on his own legs.