Puerile, Useless, Mediocre Amateurs

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01/07/2009 3:45 PM |

Do some any of you remember PUMA? That angry junta of middle-aged women who convinced themselves the Democratic Party stole the nomination from outsider maverick Hilary Clinton only to give it to stodgy old Beltway vet Barack Obama? If you don’t, you surely remember the video of great PUMA martyr Harriet "Inadequate Black Man" Christian.

Well, no matter how tightly we squeeze our eyes shut, they all still exist. And now PUMA is dabbling in hahaha satire, because that’s how the youth likes its news, all funny and winky. To wit, they’ve produced a website proposing the aforementioned senile harridan as New York’s next senator. At least we think it’s satire, as it has all the sly wit of a glee club intervention. Our biggest clue was a tiny little smiley face in the right margin, similar to the smiley face Robert Benchley would hold up at the Algonquin when Dottie wasn’t sure if he was being funny or not. Maybe someone should tell the commenters the site’s not real? Unless it is. Which is probably worse.

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