Stuff I’m Listening To: Ida Maria

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01/15/2009 10:00 AM |

“Melodramatic Popular Song” is my favorite myspace musical genre, I think. Would you like to hear a really melodramatic popular song? What a silly question of course the answer’s yes. “Oh My God”, by Ida Maria, features the titular phrase shouted (melodramatic!) by a girl-boy vocal pairing (pop song!), over power chords (both!). But really the whole thing is spikey and speedy enough to come as anthemic, not histrionic — it’s a sugary, crunchy bite of punky power-pop. Ida Maria seems to be the latest ladypopster to emerge fully formed, Minerva-like, from Scandinavia (Norway, specifically), and she plays sold-out shows tonight, at Mercury Lounge, and tomorrow night, at Union Hall, to whet appetites for the official U.S. release of her debut album Fortress Round My Heart. In the meantime, make do with her melodramatic popular songs, especially “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked,” an epoch-defining singalong in the making.