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  • he was lying!

  • how does Sally Hawkins win the best actress award (from NYFCC) over this? Just boggles the brain.

    Also, I must say “United Red Army” was one hell of a movie, brought the practice of “self-criticism” back into fashion? Plus I don’t know if you were at the Wakamatsu q n a session at Japan Society but that was a head trip in itself, and def one of the best NYC moments/ events of 2008. I hope Sundance channel picks it up.

    Btw- when I saw Batman some people booed at the end, so yeah I guess it did raise that love/hate emotion for some people. My personal worst/overrated of the year goes to Iron Man.

  • Binoche was great, but I hope we can all have enough room in our heart for Hawkins too; I think, given that it’s an English-language movie that was actually made and debuted this year — and more specifically geared around her (breakout) role — that the unspoken-but-unanimous critical decision to throw weight behind Hawkins makes sense.