Today in Alt-Weekly Schadenfreude

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01/05/2009 5:00 PM |

Farewell, 50-year veteran jazz writer and conflicted Catholic liberal polemicist Nat Hentoff (and 30-year veteran fashion writer Lynn Yaeger), it appears your ad adjacency wasn’t enough to save you, as your corporate overlords continue their sacred task of gutting the Village Voice to the point where it’s not even worth feeling nostalgic over (sorta like the East Village). Man, is there any content left in the Village Voice? Over on Cooper Square, Jim Hoberman and Michael Musto sit across a table from one another, staring each other down like Kurt Russell and Keith David at the end of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

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  • The Voice never recovered after letting James Ridgeway go…

  • and where is the movie poll? I mean it was supposed to be on their site, but when you go there there’s only the essays. Unless Im dumb and missing the link to it…

  • No, I noticed that, too, the promised list of participants/results appears not to have made it online. Whatevs, indiewire poll’s increasingly more of a hub (though it’s disappointingly less fully browseable than it was last year).

  • yes, and in the end, Mr. Jim H. is the thing!