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01/05/2009 10:00 AM |

It was with his entry in Moving Image Source’s Movie Moments of 2008 that Ed Halter introduced your humble film editor to this magnificent greenscreen mash-up, which has so much to say, really, about America and what it wants. Goodbye and good riddance, 2008.

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  • nice list there at Moving Image. Two moments come to my mind:

    Michael Snow’s “Wavelength” at MoMA, favorite movie seen for 1st time last year.

    Other was during screening “The Red Balloon” at Socrates Park last summer, towards the end of the movie, when the balloon is caught by the bad kids and just lies there on the sidewalk (in a long shot that easily lasts over a minute) , some little kid in the audience, maybe 1 or 2 years old judging by voice, called out “Balloon!” three times, and split second later the balloon gets stomped on the screen by the bad kid. There was this shocked hush in the audience, the reaction to the kid in the audience and what was on the screen and how it came together, it was just spine tingling.