Dillinger Is Dead…

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02/27/2009 10:00 AM |

… “Long live Dillinger,” says Michael Joshua Rowin in the current issue of the L, on the occasion of BAM’s revival of Dillinger is Dead. Whazzat? Well:

Enigmatic Italian parodist Marco Ferreri has traveled a route familiar to so many non-canonical European art directors: condemnation from the squares, encomium from the die-hards, avoidance from even arthouse distributors, and then the long winter of obscurity. Considered by enthusiasts to be his first masterpiece, nightmarish 1969 happening Dillinger is Dead could ignite Ferreri’s reputation here in a first U.S. release, but only on its own lastingly abrasive terms. Opaque and hirsute Michel Piccoli plays Glauco, an industrial designer of fashionable gas masks who undergoes an of-its-time anti-bourgeois transformation when he comes home to a bored wife, laboriously plays cook, discovers a Dillinger gun wrapped in ancient newspaper clippings announcing the infamous bandit’s demise, and initiates a romp of absurd acts culminating in sex, murder and liberation.

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