Downtown New York Survival Guide: John Sexton vs. John Sex

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02/20/2009 2:00 PM |

Our Survival Guide is an occasional feature in which we helpfully delineate the differences between two people with different-sounding names. Today, in honor of the amusing earnest bougie NYU sit-in, we talk about NYU President John “J-Sex” Sexton, and late Pyramid Club superstar John Sex. Let’s go to the tale of the tape!

John Sexton
Also known as: J-Sex.
Claims to fame: His “visionary” view of the modern university, mostly manifested as buying up all the Greenwich Village real estate NYU doesn’t already own, and also that too-weird-for-words NYU Abu Dhabi thing, while keeping grad students nonunionized, and applications and tuition on parallel skyrocketing trajectories; coinage of the word “glocal” (“global and local”, it’s apparently part of the aforementioned vision); teaches undergrad seminar called “Baseball as a Road to God”; hugs people all the damn time.

John Sex
Also known as: Born John McLaughlin, though in John Sex: The True Story, he would claim that his parents were immigrants who “Americanized” their original surname, Sexton.
Claims to fame: His activity in the East Village scene of the mid-to-late 80s, especially at the Pyramid Club, first as a go-go dancer and later as a lounge singer mixing gay-stripper playfulness (and assless leather pants) with Tom Jones-esque cheese; his comically oversexed, though actually kinda almost serious songs (and accompanying campy-phallocentric Tom Rubnitz-directed videos), such as “Hustle with My Muscle” and “Bump and Grind It“; his blond hair, piled high enough to hide Buster Pointdexter and at least three members of the B-52s; his enormous pet python and frequent costar Delilah; his AIDS-related death in 1990, aged 34.

Like you have to ask.