In the Time It Takes to Watch He’s Just Not That Into You, You Could Watch Saturday’s Video 36 Times

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02/07/2009 10:00 AM |

I mean, who’s to say? Maybe I would come to hate women as much as the makers of He’s Just Not That Into You evidently do, if I had to make my living peddling them this horseshit. (We’re supposed to feel one of two things for all the women in the movie: pity or disapproval. Cluck and pet, or encircle peck to death.) But if your idea of a girls night out really is to chat with other women over the men you use for a barometer of your own self-worth (and, apparently, not much else), well, this song handles guy-always-pays gender politics with fewer Greek choruses of straight-talking gays, embarrassingly blocked one-liners and characters talking about the technology they’re using as they’re using it; and a helluva lot more sophistication. Probably because it does not retrofit characters to sitcom-sized nuggets of pop sociology.

Also, as Sassy Black Woman(TM) go, we all much prefer Beyonce and her backup dancers to Ribs and Ice Cream.