In Which the Librarians, Instead of Shushing You, Hold a Mardi Gras Party

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02/24/2009 10:00 AM |

For beads, they’ll show you their card catalogs. Or something. Anyway, it’s Fat Tuesday, today, apparently, and the Desk Set, everybody’s favorite cat eye glasses-wearing party planners, are putting on their dancin’ Hush Puppies at Daddy’s in Williamsburg, from 7:30 until whenever. There’ll be New Orleans music, food, drinks, and desserts (the librarian types also enjoy baking), and also there is a book drive for Nawlins’ A.P. Tureaud Elementary. There’s a special promotion: buy a sixth grader a book, get a free beer. Conveniently the two best things in the world to do. (The worst is throwing up in a gutter in the French Quarter and getting it all over your polo shirt.)