Movie Critic Blind Item!

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02/18/2009 2:30 PM |

For some reason this week’s New York runs a four-web-pages profile of The New York Press Still Exists film critic Armond White, because he’s good copy, for the same reason that everything infuriating is good copy. But rather than take for fucking ever to repeat the same rant already done better by the sadly dormant Armond Dangerous, I’ll just ask: who is the “well-known film critic who would just as soon keep his name out of this”, who tells the piece’s author, Mark Jacobson:

"Shit, you’re writing a piece about Armond? Armond’s smart and all, I get a kick out of him, but do I really have to see him looking out of the magazine like he’s the last angry, honest man in the film culture?”

So, um, who? A “well-known movie critic”? (That’s giving us way too much credit, incidentally.) David Edelstein is New York‘s lead critic — but even during that Movie Club debacle at Slate a few years back, he seemed to take Armond more seriously than this. I repeat: who? My guess is Nathan Lee — something about the slangy cadence and highbrow cred, plus he’s given New York good fire-stoking inside baseball before. (Update: He says it wasn’t him, in the comments, after Glenn Kenny and the L’s Benjamin Strong almost come to blows.) Your guesses?

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