Out Now: The L Magazine’s Annual Love Issue

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02/04/2009 4:27 PM |

In what is almost certainly the best idea for Valentine’s Day tie-in content in the history of the alternative (bi-)weekly, The L Magazine has researched the sexual behaviors of several of the most monogamous and promiscuous animals in the whole of nature, and designed NYC V-Day dates for them. So go ahead, read Zoo City New York, see which mating ritual sounds most like you (and your sig. oth.), and have fun! (In this feature is an illustration of bald eagles wearing bald eagle sweaters, people. It’s gold I tell you gold.)

Elsewhere in the magazine: Oh, for the love of fame. We sent Adam Bonislawski to Reality TV School. Yes there is such a thing? Would you like to read all about it?

Plus cabbies on love at first sight, bartenders on pathetic pick-up attempts, Fashionville‘s Laurel Pinson on sexy underthings and Natural Redhead Audrey Ference on sexy everything.

And for your Valentine’s Day romantic moviegoing: this thing Two Lovers is, as it happens, quite good. (He’s Just Not That Into You, notsomuch.)

So, yes. As naked Isabella Rossellini once said to Kyle MacLachlan: “[We] love you, love [us, by picking up our magazine]!”