Out Now: The L Magazine’s Spring Fashion Issue

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02/19/2009 10:00 AM |

We got it 4 cheap! “It” being fashion by up-and-coming New York designers, that is. NYC Upstarts is L Fashion Editrix Laurel Pinson’s guide to clothing and jewelry designers you can still get in on the ground floor with.

Elsewhere in our fashion coverage, Jeff Harris reviews Alphabet City’s Dirt Candy, maybe the best new vegetarian restaurant in the city. Wait. Not fashion. Whatever.

In the arts, Mike Conklin and I go a little crazy in Popscene, and Nicolas Rapold, Michael Joshua Rowin and I all have now-or-never repertory film picks for you. And Paddy Johnson runs down her favorite galleries in Art Fag City.

All that, plus this lovely cover, and listings for more events than you could possibly attend in four lifetimes. Pick one up, it’ll look tres chic in your pocket.