Save the Tiger

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02/02/2009 4:45 PM |

From the L Magazine’s Conscientious Objector Amanda Park Taylor comes this link to an online petition for the release into the wild of Tony, the only tiger currently living at Gross Tete, Louisiana’s Tiger Truck Stop.

We were curious about this place, the conditions under which Tony is living (not grrrreat, is our guess), and noted that the Tiger Truck Stop’s website has its own petition collecting testimonials in support of keeping Tony where he is.

I’m not going to tell you which one to sign, but I will note that only one of the petitions advocates keeping Tony the Tiger at a place advertising “The only live tigers on I-10!” So won’t you please consider doing the humane thing, and letting Tony live a long happy life filled with veterinary care and video poker.

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  • Story idea- Down By Law vs Tiger Truck Stop. Roberto Benigni has to run funny when Tony wants to take a bite out of his ass.

    1. What sound does a tiger make?

    2.Mnum Mnum Mnum!