So, the Oscars Happened.

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02/23/2009 12:00 PM |

Mostly very expected — Hugh Jackman wants to be a pretty, pretty princess; Sean Penn has the good sense to be embarrassed at now owning Bill Murray and Mickey Rourke’s Oscar; adorable impoverished Indian children make us feel better about ourselves — but, in the midst of a national belt-tightening and following an indifferent year for Hollywood, even more blatant than usual about reminding us how much we love the movies. Montages reminding us of all the great movies that we loved so much that came out last year; past Oscar winners saluting (with hilariously varying degrees of familiarity and unfeigned affection) this year’s nominees, to remind us of how magnificent all these movie stars are; the clips of coming attractions over the ending credits…

But, ok, here is my question: did you notice that in the unaccountably distractingly edited dead-people montage, they made room for Manny Farber? (“Critic.” Fuck yes he was.) Holy shit. Did Pauline Kael make it, or is this a first, I honestly cannot remember. Made my night. What made yours?

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  • I usually watch the whole thing beginning to bitter end but discovered Kathy Griffin was in town and as one of the many gays that follow her, I felt obliged to go.. and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Still, I managed to catch the last hour and a half of the Oscars show which was, pretty much, just about enough for me.

    Highlights: Latifah belting out “I’ll be seeing you” and Head of State Actresses bestowing their critiques on each Best Actress nominee as though they themselves alone decided which of them is the best.

    Lowlights: realizing that “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” is an ABC show.. which made me think that I hope someone over at Viacom releases “Survivor: The Movie” when the Oscars are on CBS. 🙂

  • lol at the last part of 1st comment.

    I didn’t watch until 11pm (I was at Anthology for Dreyer’s “Passion of Joan of Arc” and got home late). Manny Farber getting mentioned was touching, but Mark is right, I think the first dead person didn’t even get screen time.

    Sometimes I write comments in my little notebook and by Oscars I wrote: “Hollywood- complacent tools of the status quo.” I heard or read that somewhere, just forgot who said it…

    btw- Manohla Dargis got a big thank you during the independent spirit awards on Sat. Unfortunately I forgot who it was that said it (possibly from Heather Rae, producer for “Frozen River”…)