Two or Three Godard Movies Return to Film Forum

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02/11/2009 12:00 PM |

Two, as it happens. For two weeks Film Forum brings back popular January rerelease Made in U.S.A., about which I said at the time:

An 80-minute noir lark — set within the self-immolating Left, with a purposefully incoherent plot — it was shot concurrently with 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her, in longish scenes in interior or otherwise self-contained locations. The movie seems at times like a repository for all the gags, philosophical tangents and low-culture references Godard couldn’t work into that more rigorous work.

So, naturally, Film Forum is also bringing back 2 or 3 Things (like Made a not-long-ago Film Forum revival, and similarly unavailable on DVD), so you can compare and contrast. For the L’s take, check our Nicolas Rapold’s review for the now-defunct New York Sun, in which he calls it “a questing, irreducibly visual meditation as only Mr. Godard could produce, about a metastasizing Paris and vampiric consumerism, about the relation between word and image, about red, red cars and the wind in the trees.”