Weekend Read: RIP VHS

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02/27/2009 3:58 PM |

Mondo Kim’s is in Sicily now, and at Moving Image Source, Anthony Kaufman and Michael Atkinson offer contrasting takes about what the death of the VHS means for cinephilia. Kaufman’s is a practical, materialist take on what’s lost, Atkinson’s a more spiritual musing, on the essence of tape-hunting and its transference to other mediums.

This is all doubly poignant given that ex-Voice staffer Atkinson and mostly-ex-Voice contributor Kaufman are doing these pieces at a site edited by their ex-Voice Film Editor, Dennis Lim. There was a time, not so long ago (I know it was not that long ago, because I was around for it), when Kim’s Video and the Village Voice film section were the only two things a young movielover in New York really needed for his cinematic education. I am anxious to see what replaces them. Other than, you know, “the internet.”

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  • Li’l tip for those looking for cheap entertainment:

    With all the mega video stores, along with the smaller shops like Kim’s having switched to all-DVD some years back, something had to done with all that VHS inventory.

    Landfill, you ask?

    Nope. Beauty of the interwebs, kids. Anytime you’re jonesin’ for a fix of an old cult classic, blaxploitation, or other long lost gem…search for a VHS copy of it Amazon, eBay, etc. where inventory of old stock of this defunct format is being unloaded for pennies on the dollar. Throw in $2-3 for shipping, and it’s still less than a slice of pizza, and certainly less than a Blockbuster rental. Order a bunch at once, or keep a Wishlist on Amazon. Think of it as an old-school Netflix queue.