What’s The Rumpus?

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02/05/2009 10:00 AM |

The Rumpus is this new website, see, with lots of original articles about books and other stuff; and periodic web-filtering links, and regular blogs maintained by writer types like Rick Moody (writing about pop music), et cetera. It’s sorta like a ‘zine, or one of those by-high-profile-friends-for-high-profile-friends lit mags you always hope to end up friends with. And it’s on the web, because increasingly that is where things are.

And it has a launch party tonight at Crash Mansion. James Frey will read! But you should still consider going!

Because there’ll be performances by former Mendoza Line frontman and L Magazine stunt journalist Timothy Bracy (whose voice “is a brokedown and sodden thing, perfect for giving up entirely,” according to Rick Moody, in a recent Rumpus riff), Okkervil River’s Will Sheff, et cetera; readings by other people who are not James Frey (Jonathan Ames and Andrew Sean Greer, specifically); and other assorted hip alterna-lit type stuff, like a comedy performance by Michael Showalter and “Post It Note Reviews,” which seem vague but perhaps fascinating.

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