An Intimate Look at Nancy Pelosi’s Enemies List

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03/03/2009 10:00 AM |

1. Nancy Pelosi has an enemies list.

(1a. I am increasingly fascinated with this grasping powerbroker of a San Francisco grannie who is somehow our Speaker of the House; and how gerrymandering has led to so many fascinatingly flawed or megalomaniacal or otherwise outright crazy people holding national elected office for life.)

2. Who is on it? Heath Shuler and Rush Limbaugh are on it, which makes sense, because Heath Shuler seems like a pretty hearty dick, and Rush Limbaugh is Rush Limbaugh. Various fiscal conservative blue-dog Democrats are on it, unsurprisingly. Eric Cantor is on it, because he’s actually her political enemy. (It is a sign of either Cantor’s genuine ass millinery — and, thus, scarily, political ascendency — or Pelosi’s craziness that she actually holds a personal grudge against a guy whose job it is to be her political opponent. Or, you know, both.)

3. You know who else had an enemies list? Nixon. Nixon did.

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  • also, Stanley Kubrick!

  • umm, the Politico article is based on the idea that Nancy Pelosi “likely keeps a disfavor list IN HER HEAD,” and cites anonymous sources to back this up. again, a list in her head. so, basically, the story really is “Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like certain people and is able to remember their names for future reference; here are some people she probably doesn’t like, who may or may not be on her invisible mind-list.”

    i hate Politico. they are on my disfavor mind-list.

  • It is a bit thin, that Politico article; it’s hard to tell when “not liking people” becomes “having a ready list of people you don’t like”, and the writer does strain to try and explain how this is more the latter and the former. And yes, arguably the story here is Politico trying too hard. But mostly I’m just imagining Pelosi all middle school saying “YOU are now on my LIST.” Whatever.