Art Fag City Does Art Fair Week

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03/05/2009 12:21 PM |

Wicked Artsy columnist Benjamin Sutton sez:

As you may know, the West side of Manhattan has been taken over by art fairs with variously catchy names (Pulse, Volta NY, Fountain, Bridge, Scope), all of which are following the lead provided by epic art fair The Armory Show (itself so bloated that it’s fractured into contemporary and modern subdivisions). While the jury is still out on whether art fairs are a great venue for finding and promoting new talent or just a vile commercialization of the art world, more often than not there are enough gems hidden in the encyclopedic displays to make a visit (or several) worthwhile. To help you make sense of it all, L Mag art writer Paddy Johnson has everything one needs to know about Art Fair Week over at her blog Art Fag City:

Hours, Directions and Admission Details
Noteworthy Special Events
Fair Previews

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