Blizzard of ’09 Like Mmm, Sorry, Come Again?

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03/02/2009 3:00 PM |

I grew up in Portland, Maine, a city big enough to have a newspaper but not big enough to have a good one, one that paid attention to like important issues or whatever. So am very used to “the weather” being front-page, above-the-fold news. You know, a kid plays in the sprinkler in the summer (“Heat Wave”), a bundled-up woman digs out her plowed-in car on a deserted street in winter (“White Out”).

You know, pictures of the weather are pretty. Which is why, I guess, “the weather” is the front page story on right now.

It makes a nice reprieve from the Dow below 7,000 (another benchmaek! everybody drink!) and skyrocketing unemployment, at any rate. Hey — they can’t downsize you if you can’t come in to work because of the snowstorm.