Out Now: The L Magazine’s Spring Arts Issue

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03/18/2009 11:26 AM |

So now that we’re in a recession, New York City property values are going to freefall and all the gentrified downtowns will be given back over to artists and roaches, and it will be great, right? Well. In Boom or Bust, Adam Bonislawski talks to artists about what, in practical terms, these times mean for the arts in New York. Turns out it’s not so simple. (Though maybe it would be with a new WPA, but I digress.) Plus, our Spring Arts Preview runs down all the Wicked Artsy Happenings now through May: museums and galleries and classical music and books and movies, all coded with attractive little icons to help you match your moods to an upcoming event.

Plus! Bartenders tell of their thwarted artistic dreams in Tips for Tips, spring fashion advice from Laurel Pinson in Fashionville, and good art, reviewed: the new Röyksopp album, and Hunger. Oh, and “Price Check on Extra-Small Condoms?” is the best headline we’ve had in many a moon.

All that, and listings, for your wicked artsy existence in Great New Depression-era New York. Pick one up…