The L Magazine’s Third Annual Bar Awards Issue

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03/04/2009 3:30 PM |

The Bar Awards Issue is our favorite issue to do, every year. And we think it shows, in our enthusiastic write-ups of many fun new places for you to go, and enjoy an activity accomplished just as efficiently, far more cheaply, and arguably more safely in the comfort of your own home. (That activity is drinking, to clarify. Not sex.) So, without further ado: the good, the bad, and the drunk.

Also this issue, a bar review! And bartenders, talking about how much they can drink (more than you).

Elsewhere in the magazine, Music Editor Mike Conklin reviews the awful new U2 album, and thinks we need to stop indulging that self-created demigod douche (his word). And I review the awful new Watchmen movie, and think we need to stop indulging this gross tyranny of the fanboy. (Go see BAM’s Dreyer series or Tokyo Sonata instead, for reals.)

All that, and much more, pick one up today and use it to mop up spilled beer.

And yes, we made those coasters ourselves.