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03/01/2009 10:00 AM |

My new favorite song is “Nightshift”, by the Commodores, the title track from their first post-Lionel Richie album.

My new favorite song is so fucking smooth you will not even believe it the first four or five times you listen to it.

My new favorite song is also used to stunning effect in the best scene of Claire Denis’ must-see 35 Shots of Rum, much more on which in the coming month.

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  • I’m definitely going to see this. The movie that was mentioned by Hoberman in that article, Dreyer’s “Ordet”, is playing at the Anthology on Jan 24. It’s part of Essential Cinema, so if you’re a member you get in for free.

    Btw- Henry mentioned the giggling at the Forum, there used to be a guy at Moving Image who was always chuckling to himself, and making comments (ruined Reygadas’ “Battle in Heaven” for me). I wonder if maybe it was the same guy, I think he is one of the “cinemaniacs”.