(Wicked) Artsy Happenings: Special (First) Thursday(s) Edition

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03/05/2009 5:57 PM |

Compiled by Benjamin Sutton for your artsy delection.

Thursday, March 5

First Thursdays Gallery Walk
Biennial at A.I.R. Gallery, 111 Front Street, 6-8pm
Night Movies at Safe-T-Gallery and Farmani Gallery, 111 Front Street, 6-8pm
Sergio Fernandez and Dana Gentile at +Kris Graves, 111 Front Street, 6-8pm
Visual Morphology (pictured at right) at Klompching Gallery, 111 Front Street, 6-8pm

Christina Kruse at Steven Kasher Gallery, 521 W 23rd St, 2nd Fl, 6-8pm
Walter Thompson at Amos Eno Gallery, 530 W 25th St, #604, 6-8pm
Jonathan Torgovnik at Aperture, 547 W 27th St, 4th Fl, 6-8pm
Yohei Nishimura at Cavin-Morris, 210 Eleventh Ave, #201, 6-8pm
Zhu Wei at China Square, 6-8pm

Friday, March 6

Howard Lerner at Repetti, 44-02 23rd St, 6-8pm

Tomokazu Matsuyama at Joshua Liner Gallery, 548 W 28th St, 3rd Fl, 6-9pm
Michael Rakowitz at Lombard-Freid Projects, 531 W 26th St, #2, 6-8pm


James Hyde at Southfirst, 60 N 6th St, 4-6pm
Terrain at Vertexlist, 138 Bayard St, 7-10pm

Saturday, March 7

Park Slope
George Hildrew at Phyllis Stigliano, 62 Eighth Ave, 3-6pm
City Visions at Object Image, 91 Fifth Ave, 2-6pm

Meatpacking District
Brian Leo at Leo Kesting, 812 Washington St, 7-10pm

Bruno Peinado at Parker’s Box, 193 Grand St, 6-10pm
The Boiler (pictured at left) grand opening, 191 N 14th St, 8pm-1am
Rachel Beach at Like The Spice, 224 Roebling St, 6:30pm-10pm
Taney Roniger at Slate Gallery, 136 Wyther Ave, 6-10pm

Abstractions and Contractions at Lumen House, 47 Beaver St, 6-9pm
Adam Simon at Pocket Utopia, 1037 Flushing Ave, 6-10pm