69 Love Songs, Now Illustrated

04/30/2009 1:54 PM |

2053/1241115956-69songs.gifThere’s a website you should see if you’re: a) a hopeless romantic b) a fan of the Magnetic Fields c) a cartoonist or d) human. A group of mostly London-based artists have set out to translate all 69 tracks of the Magnetic Fields’ colossal concept album, 69 Love Songs into graphic vignettes. It’s aptly titled How Fucking Romantic, and it’s been up and running for less than a month now, so lots of songs are still up for grabs. We might have to go get an art degree and learn to draw real good just to claim “Come Back From San Francisco.” It makes us feel so warm and sad inside.

Here’s one of our early favorite. The song is “Yeah! Oh Yeah!” and you can listen to it right here.

The illustration has two parts, visible here and here.

— Lauren Beck

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