Cool Kids Reading Good Poems

04/24/2009 2:40 PM |

The marvelous Tommy Pico is the man behind Birdsong, an actual printed zine of prose, poetry and interviews. We once got drunk and I called him an “Injun” and he yelled “ALL YR SCALPZ ARE BELONG TO US.” (True story, he was born and raised on the rez and I’m a loud drunk.) Tommy will be hosting Birdsong’s issue #6 party/reading this Saturday at Stain Bar, and you should go. Not only are the contributors (and hangers on) generally attractive and smart, but Jess Paps will be playing her songs, one of which (“Seen it All”) is my favorite of the last three months. Also featured will be Hotel St. George mastermind (and Literary Upstart Judge) Aaron Petrovich. You would be an asshole to miss this.

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