Attention, Upper East Siders: Blair Waldorf Scored a Record Deal

04/24/2009 1:09 PM |

a759/1240594259-blair_waldorf_image_244_319.jpgGossip Girl’s Leighton Meester has reportedly signed a recording contract with Universal Republic to release an album this fall. Billboard is told that the material she’s working on has an “electro-pop edge,” while Star Magazine reports that her influences range “from Gwen Stefani to M.I.A.,” even though you and I both know “Paper Planes” is the only M.I.A. song she’s ever heard.

I feel sorta bad for her, actually. If Meester were surrounded by people who cared even a tiny bit about her, wouldn’t you think they’d have told her it’s just too early in her career to try jumping into other fields, and that maybe it’s not a coincidence she was offered this deal at the height of Gossip Girl’s popularity, and that maybe she’d be viewed as a complete joke? Whereas, if she’d just waited a few years, after she’d had the chance to be taken somewhat more seriously as an actor, she might be able to make the jump a bit more gracefully? Meh. I suppose then I’d have nothing to blog about.

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  • Actually according to her Lucky interview from last year, she hang along to M.I.A.’s whole album. The album’s also been in the works for over a year now and if there’s any time to release it, it’s when she’s relatively unknown outside of Gossip Girl so she doesn’t come off as being dependent on her GG fame.