Go South, Young Brooklynite

04/30/2009 2:42 PM |

The south side of Williamsburg (where I hang my hat) has been blessed in the past year with several new dining options. The area north of Broadway and south of Metropolitan Avenue (“NoBroadSoMet?” Somebody make that name happen) was, for a while, just a stretch of bodegas and bars between the bustling Bedford Avenue and the Michelin star constellation on Broadway (Peter Luger, Dressler, Diner and Marlow & Sons are are Brooklyn’s unofficial spokesrestaurants whenever a magazine declares it safe to eat here now). The best NoBroadSoMet (you’ll get used to it, I promise) has to offer, after the jump.

-On Grand Street, sexy den of seafood and cocktails Walter Foods opened up last fall. I had the pleasure of eating on its new outdoor patio, a lovely place to kick back with a Dark & Stormy and a tray of oysters.

-Cal Elliot, of DuMont and Dressler fame, just opened Rye this month, a romantic and rustic spot that compliments his ‘Burg empire.

-Casual dining holds its own, too: Mexican street food is cheap and incredible at La Superior and Williamsburger, while not knocking out south Bedford mainstay DuMont Burger, produces interesting variations on the patty (both opened late last summer). The East Village arepa bar Caracas opened an outpost on Grand Street (which is BYOB right now–visit before they get their liquor license).

-Always-empty La Gribouille on Roebling finally closed and was just replaced last week with Flying Cow, whose quirky menu includes both tapas and bistro fare.

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  • There’s also Moto, in TriBeGrand (the iscoceles-esque triangle as formed by Grand, Bushwick and Broadway) where I reside