Green Villain of the Week: Michael Bloomberg

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04/24/2009 1:32 PM |

The Gowanus Canal is basically The Dip from Who Framed Roger Rabbit by this point, right? It’s so gross it might become a Superfund site. But, as the Times reports, the Bloomberg administration would prefer not to have the EPA take the lead on cleaning up the canal. Why not? Well, perhaps it has to do with the surrendering of control and possibility of delays. Or, and we’re going to suggest that this is more likely: “City officials said that the listing could jeopardize more than $500 million committed to the waterfront for two private projects involving more than 1,200 housing units.” They would prefer to do the clean-up their own way, on their own time.

Just let Bloomberg do what he wants, he’ll do what’s right for us, right? When did the mayor’s office become in loco parentis? (Oh, right, 9/11.)