Late-Breaking Literary Upstart News Flash(es)!

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04/13/2009 2:59 PM |

Well, kind of: in talking about our first Literary Upstart reading, which is 7pm this Thursday at the Slipper Room, we’ve been alluding to the fact that there would be cheap beer, while remaining vague on the details. Vague no more: bottles of Dogfish Head, which is a fancy tasty potent Extreme Beer that has, like Rahm Emanuel, been profiled in the New Yorker, will be sold for the low low price of $1 or $2, we haven’t quite worked that out yet. So in conclusion come to Literary Upstart, if only just for the cheap beer.

Also, we are pleased to welcome a Special Guest Judge to our judging panel of discerning literati: Luis Jaramillo, author, yoga teacher, and Associate Chair of the New School’s Writing Program. We tell you this so you’ll know who it is you’re elbowing out of the way at the bar.