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04/08/2009 11:00 AM |

Sometimes the people who make movies are like nu-unh please do not review this movie until the week it comes out. As a biweekly, you can imagine we are like well ok to the website with it then. Well, opening week for Observe and Report is here at last, after months of me Xing off days on my calendar, so, Benjamin Strong, you are released from your embargo and free to review this movie for The L Magazine:

It is probably too early to tell whether Paul Blart heralded the arrival of a new genre, the suburban mall cop film, but judging by Observe and Report, the retail security procedural doesn’t offer terribly fertile ground.

That is not his entire review, idiots. Here.

Also new this week, Benjamin Mercer (what the fuck is it with all these Benjamins, seriously) reviews Anvil! The Story of Anvil:

In terms of exposure, a documentary along the lines of Anvil! The Story of Anvil
a brisk, entertaining feature now receiving a modest theatrical release
— is probably the biggest break an unknown Canadian metal band led by
two men in their 50s could hope for. But Anvil’s front man, Steve
"Lips" Kudlow, and drummer, Robb Reiner, are still holding out for
more: major label attention, or at least a few thousand screaming fans
at their every stopover. It’s to director Sacha Gervasi’s credit that Anvil! never devolves into an outright point-and-laugh fest or a Wrestler-esque
yesterday’s-people-in-today’s-world lament. Gervasi does stumble into a
few smaller traps, but focuses mainly on the uncommon, almost
pathological optimism that has kept the band together and productive for more than three decades.