Northside: Bands, Badges

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04/07/2009 2:17 PM |

It’s like a newsroom in a 30s screwball comedy here at L Mag HQ, just nonstop banter and whiplash information and rolled-up shirtsleeves as we (not me, other people are doing this) work like we have ferrets in our trousers to set up the Northside Festival (like SXSW only here; like CMJ only worth your time and money).

As you can see over on, where the latest news is: we’re announcing the headlining bands, and you can now buy festival badges.

The bands: Sunset Rubdown, Bishop Allen, The Dodos, Bill Callahan, Vivian Girls, The Van Pelt, Brightblack Morning Light, O’Death, Asobi Seksu, and John Vanderslice. For starters.

Badges $45. They get you into shows, they get you food and drink specials. Only a limited number have been released for sale so far, so, you know, get on that pls.