Oh hi there. Have a seat. Try our new website.

04/23/2009 4:46 PM |

This is our new website. Welcome. It features state of the art click-through-ability and cutting edge use of color, text and essentially up-to-date grammar. Not only does it have all the print-era funtime stories of The L Magazine, it will have shiny new online-only content like this and this, all of it readable on your newly derma-grafted iStares. Frankly, I’m making most of this up, so I’m going to let our “Director of Digital Marketing and Colonizing Space and Possibly Marrying a Professional Athlete” Andrea Rosen fill you in on the details (she’s like, 15, so all this is really impressive) after the jump.

Andrea Rosen [spoken in a clear, true voice]:

Just in time for our sixth anniversary, The L Magazine team is extremely excited to unveil our new website (which you may have noticed is a lot prettier than what you’ve seen at thelmagazine.com for the past few years). It’s more than just a facelift — there’s going to be tons more L to love: new online-only features, videos and our brand-new blog, The Measure (in fact, you’re reading it RIGHT NOW).

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