Out Now: The L Magazine’s Apartment Issue? Recession Issue?

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04/15/2009 11:52 AM |

This fortnight’s L Magazine is a little slimmer and a little different — fewer, but longer, listings (see the complete ones here online) — and, in keeping with these lean times, addresses the all-important issue of low-budge home decor.

In The City Salvage Yard, we present to you a pretty fully decorated living room, kitchen, and backyard, furnished entirely with stuff found left out on the sidewalk in a 24-hour period (we also let you know about some other fine stores where you can get the same stuff, since not every day is moving day and odds are you do not own a van).

Meanwhile, in Fare is Fair, cabbies describe their dream apartment (“furnished with stuff off the street,” they all say, uncannily), there’s an unsung ramen place and a classy gastropub you should know about if you still have money to go out, and, in Fashionville, Laurel Pinson considers the fashion world’s unsustainable excesses.

Plus, in Film: the Migrating Forms Festival begins tonight and continues through the weekend, and Michael Joshua Rowin runs down the highlights. And the Tribeca Film Festival begins next Wednesday night; check out our first reviews, and previews of more (we’ll have lots more here as the fest continues). Elsewhere in the art world, avant-pop It Girl Micahu really is all that, says Jeff Klingman, as is Wells Tower’s debut story collection Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned, says Larissa Kyzer in a review of the book that’s actually, you know, a review, and not a really long summary like that laudatory but idiotic front-page review from a couple NYTBRs ago.

Pick this one up, it’s light as a feather.