Psst, Wanna See a Weekend of Underground Film for Free?

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04/14/2009 11:00 AM |

The Migrating Forms festival is the rambunctious new film fest started by the people who used to bring you the New York Film Festival, and continuing that lamented institution’s curatorship of sometimes funky, sometimes challenging, always bracing experimental and independent cinema. It runs at Anthology Film Archives from Wednesday to Sunday; according to Michael Rowin’s round-up, which you can read in tomorrow’s issue of the L, “something resembling religious or metaphysical fervor is palpably in the air” in the absurd animated films and global-lensing documentaries.

We, or rather they, are prepared now to offer one all-access pass — that’s free admission to all Migrating Forms screenings and events — to a lucky reader of The winner will be selected at random from the people who email the fest at, with the subject line “L giveaway”, which is short for “L Magazine Giveaway of an All-Access Pass to the First Annual Migrating Forms Festival.”