Sorta Live Blogging American Idol

04/29/2009 9:33 PM |

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, let’s go over what happened on American Idol a few minutes ago. There are five people left, and Ryan had the first four stand in pairs on either side of the stage. Then he asked Adam Lambert to go stand with whatever group he thought he belonged. Adam proceeded to complain, jokingly, ha ha ha, that Ryan had put him in an awkward position. He said something like “well, based just on last night,” and chose to stand next to Alison and Danny, then apologized to Chris and Matt, the group he didn’t choose. A moment later, Ryan dragged him over toward the other side of the stage, announcing that Adam chose the wrong group, and that tonight’s bottom three wouldbe Adam, Chris and Matt.

So, basically, Adam looks like a diiiiiiick because the way the exchange between him and Ryan went down, it was obvious that he assumed he was safe. I knew I didn’t like him, and now I know why. Dude is totally presumptuous and smug.

Then Kara kept talking about how every time she sees him, her mouth falls open. Everyone laughed.

Update: Now I’m actually getting worried. If Adam Lambert gets sent home, it’s because photos recently surfaced of him kissing a man, and, in case you haven’t heard, Americans sorta hate gay dudes.

Update: Phew. Matt’s going home. Again. And he’s crying. Again. Adam gets to stick around for another week before being gay-bashed by the entire nation.