Swine Flu Pandemonium

04/27/2009 10:19 AM |

On the F train this morning, I was sitting on the aisle seat of the two-seat row, perpendicular to a three-seater. In the three-seater, there were two women sitting directly next to one another, despite there being an empty spot. One of them, seated against the railing, sneezed a quiet, well-mannered sneeze—no great build up or fallout, hand dutifully to her mouth. The woman beside her immediately let out an audible “UUUGGHHHH,” and lifted the neck of her shirt to cover her mouth, at which point the sneezer totally lost her shit, screaming “I have allergies! Just because I sneeze, doesn’t mean I have swine flu!” Then she told her she was the rudest person she’d ever met, though they had not technically met, unless I missed a much kinder interaction between them earlier, which actually would have made the whole thing far more awesome.

Anyone else see any crazy swine flu-related behavior on you commute this morning? Please share.