W Hotel Sets Up in Jersey, World Awaits Punchline

04/24/2009 11:50 AM |

W Hotels has set up shop in Hoboken (you know, that city across the river. No, the other river) and last night’s opening party included a not-so-surprise performance by Miley Cyrus enemy Jamie Foxx and appearances by glittering stars like Michael Strahan and Brenda Walsh.

The interior is predictably sleek (the Chandelier Room echoes the steel fixtures at Brooklyn’s Dressler), and the hotel features a Zylo steakhouse, cocktail lounge and Bliss spa. The thinking behind it was clearly “let’s bring the sexiness of Manhattan to this homely state!” But do the good people of Jersey really want the (now laughable) excesses of the island?

And can Williamsburg at least get a DoubleTree so my parents don’t have to sleep on my couch when they visit?

One Comment

  • Andrea Rosen, you are a real joke! People like you are what ruined Williamsburg – where are you really from? Clearly NOT Brooklyn!