A Meadow in Tribeca

05/27/2009 9:22 AM |

7e8d/1243394552-clearing.jpgWell, you know, if Broadway goes pedestrian, it’s really only a matter of time before other streets are set aside for bikes, boats (like in Venice!) and urban farming. In case of the latter, Julie Farris and Sarah Wayland-Smith’s brand new public artwork A Clearing in the Streets (pictured at right) might be a helpful prototype.

Installed today in Collect Pond Park in the Tribeca-City Hall zone (at Leonard and Lafayette Sts) through October, the structure’s four-inch slots let visitors peer into a meadow whose native plants and grasses will sprout and grow against a backdrop of blue sky. For full details on the project click here, and for a vision of where this is all leading in terms of ecological urbanism, click here.

One Comment

  • I get the whole nature reclaiming an urban space dealie, but keeping a glorious meadow just beyond the grasp of cement-weary New Yorkers sure feels unfair. Like putting a pizza behind bars in the middle of a weight loss camp.