Accelerated Hype Cycles, Shmype Cycles… The Drums!

05/27/2009 5:20 PM |

dd14/1243458790-picture_6.pngI’ve always tried my hardest not to give into my bloggiest urges and get too over-the-top excited about bands that have existed for about eight minutes, but since yesterday afternoon, when Brooklyn Vegan called my attention to local duo The Drums, who played their first ever show at NYC Popfest a couple weeks ago, I have listened to nothing else (except for that song “White Horse,” which I remembered I love when Andrea asked me if it was uncool to like Taylor Swift).

Their debut EP isn’t out till next month, but it’s streaming right now at their website, and it’s a massively likable, not to mention danceable, blend of gloomy 80s pop, 90s indie-pop and 50s surf-rock that will appeal, quite predictably, I guess, to fans of the biggies: The Magnetic Fields, The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian (“Lazy Line Painter Jane” in particular) and Joy Division, but also to everyone who’s cared enough over the years to seek out the artists who’d influenced those bands in the first place.

They’re playing their second show this Saturday at Union Hall with Pelle Carlberg, and then they’ve got a month-long, weekly residency at The Annex. You promise to try your best to make it it out to at least one of these shows, and I promise I won’t take part in any backlash against these guys for at least one calendar year.

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  • according to their myspace they’ve been added to Northside Fest on the 14th (sunday), but doesn’t say which show. Also Ponytail show was moved to Studio B. So, that’s pretty exciting, right?