Art Events on a Pier or at a PopRally

05/23/2009 12:00 PM |

1031/1243027602-poprally.jpgThis long weekend is a little skimpy on art events, but the few on the calendar tend towards the spectacular and super-sized. For instance, the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition continues its 17th annual pier exhibition The Color of Hope (through June 14) down in Red Hook with a special screening of four Trivisual shorts by filmmaker Annie Yan at 3pm. I’m not exactly sure what “Trivisual” means, but probably something involving three screens or three projectors, or both. If you know (or go) please let me know.

In Midtown, MoMA will also be celebrating the long weekend in spectacular fashion with the first (if I’m not mistaken) PopRally party of the season. PopRally typically features one or two musical artists in whose work visual and performance art plays a significant role. Tonight it’s Black Meteoric Star and assume vivid astro focus, who’ll be providing each attendee with a custom-made mask (which will no doubt look something like those at right). Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door, the show starts at 8:30pm and full details can be had here.