Buying Art in Bulk

05/08/2009 8:23 AM |

63dd/1241736743-robeysl_alum___display.jpgAs you may have read in the print pages of this very magazine, economic recession is a cruel mistress for the art world, feeding it with plenty of the crises and anxieties that fuel stellar art, but starving it of the delicious money that artists need to survive. As non-contenders at the latest Damien Hirst auction, there doesn’t seem to be much that the small-budgeted art enthusiast and would-be collector can do. There is something (in addition to the various silent auctions that galleries like Metaphor and White Box organize every so often) that aspiring art patrons can do to help out with what little they’ve got.

The Affordable Art Fair, an annual occurrence in New York and several other cities, allows local and international galleries (like London’s Cynthia Corbet Gallery, which represents Nicolas de Saint Gregoire, whose “Homage to Mondrian” appears at right and will be for sale at the AAF) to showcase their artists and offer relatively cheap art to the masses. Everything for sale falls in the $100-$10,000 range, the fair opened yesterday and continues until Sunday at 7 W 34th St. Click here for details.