Celebrate Art with Lego!

05/21/2009 9:30 AM |

ddc8/1242880468-guggenheim_lego.jpgOn the occasion of the new Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition at the Guggenheim (and in keeping with the general brickiness of Wright’s architecture) Lego has released the first two buildings in its new Lego Architecture series. Though it’s been ten years since I kicked my Lego Maniac habit, I can already feel my blood turning back into a stream of tiny multicolor plastic blocks.

Now you can rebuild Wright’s iconic spiraling Gugg building (Lego kit pictured at right) and his perched palace Fallingwater. Of course, modernist stone buildings are basically the easiest architecture to turn into Lego. I want to see the Danish toy-maker tackle Asymptote‘s new Formula 1 track-straddling amoebic hotel in Dubai.

(via designboom)