Cross Promotion! Northside Festival! (No Idea If This Is Technically Cross Promotion)

05/19/2009 11:09 AM |

6951/1242745748-picture_12.pngI don’t know why we never talk about the Northside Festival around here, but I’m gonna put an end to all that. As you probably already know, it’s a four-day festival featuring over 150 bands at every single decent venue in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Bold-face bands include Sunset Rubdown, The Hold Steady, Bishop Allen, The Dodos, O’Death and John Vanderslice, but we’ve also got shows curated by all our favorite local blogs, record labels, radio stations and independent performers, and tons of events going on at the many, many galleries in the area Four-day badges are on sale now for $45, and they’ll get you in, on a first-come-first-served basis, to all the shows, plus grant you access to all sorts of food and drink specials and private parties. Also, we just got official word that Bedford Avenue will be closed to car traffic from N4th to N9th, which kinda takes it to a whole ‘nother level of awesome, no? Check out the schedule, buy your badge, and go buy some sunglasses.

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  • I believe this is what Jack Donaghy would call “synergy.”

  • That is pretty awesome. Can we pitch tents under the BQE?

  • i’m waiting to find out when the “8 Bands You Need To Hear” shows are. I think i read something about there being a show with the 8? or two shows?

  • right now for me it’s looking like this:

    Thurs: Miho Hatori/Class Actress (Glasslands)

    Fri: (Union Pool): Golden Triangle, Sightings, Pterodactyl, Aa, SCREENS (I’ve probably seen couple of these bands too many times already, but Sightings never gets old, at least to me…)

    Sat Afternoon: Good time to bar hop and check out the Bedford street scene, and I’m def checking out some shows at Matchless, my fav bar.

    Sat late: Death By Audio: (Dan Friel, Gary War, Silk Flowers, Pink Skull, Dinowalrus, Anamanaguchi, Talk Normal, Sisters, Golden Cities, dANA, Boogie Boarder, Say No to Architecture)
    Talk Normal are my 1 band to watch, the guitar player sounds like she took lessons from Lee Ranaldo, and they just rip it. Sisters has a killer drummer the dude from Famous Amos like Mike mentioned elsewhere. This might be the best show of the weekend..

    Sun Afternoon: The Dodos at Studio B
    Night: Ponytail is a no brainer for me,(Special guests- Dan Deacon? He will be back from Europe by then, so I can only hope). looks like the venue was changed(?), so I suggest soccer field at McCarren…

  • Sat Nite’s DBA is totally the best one of the whole fest. Glad other people are excited about it too.