Danny Gokey Desperately Wants to be Famous, Only Passingly Interested in Music

05/27/2009 1:11 PM |

374a/1243444289-picture_5.pngI hated Danny Gokey from the moment I saw him auditioning for American Idol, and I could never quite put my finger why, exactly. First I complained that he was exploiting his dead wife, then I became convinced he was the most ungracious of all the contestants, constantly justifying his own miserable failures by subtly blaming other people and things. And then I just decided he was too much like Taylor Hicks—a hopelessly soulless soul singer who would never amount to anything in the real world. But now that I read this post on Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Watch blog, about Danny Gokey wanting to appear on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, I’ve finally settled on a reason for my intense hatred: as writer Annie Barrett points out at the beginning of the post, he has no real interest in music—just fame—and you can see it in his beady, bespectacled little eyes. The saddest thing about it is that, with the stupid Nice Guy schtick and the constant transparent self-deprecation, Gokey would probably do really well on DWTS, then go on to host some shitty talk/reality show for a season or two and be financially set for life. Ugh. Totally hate him.

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  • you’re such a hater. sorry to express that first but he is a talented singer. It would be messed up if he werent and go on like the oter contestants that audition and never make it anywhere, or just sing bad to get on tv. this man is talented and he knws what hes doing. if he has an interest in DWTS then i totally agree and he should try out new things. wouldnt you? exactly. have a nice day.